Amazing Graduations
Our products, MarchingOrder Assistant and MarchingOrder Perfect help make every graduation and commencement ceremony simple to plan and exciting to participate in. With them, your university can impress alumni, save time, money, and hassle, and leave students with a positive impression of the school.

  MarchingOrder Assistant
MarchingOrder Assistant enables students to electronically complete all forms necessary for graduation filing. This information is aggregated for school administrators, making it easy to perform tasks that were once extremely time-consuming, such as identifying students who have not yet completed their forms or estimating the number of disabled or limited mobility seats needed on commencement day.  Students can also use the system to order, a variety of University-approved goods and services related to graduation, such as gown rentals, diploma framing, and graduation photographs. By automating the process of distributing and collecting paper forms, order-processing for gown rentals, and graduation photographs and invitation mailing/printing, MarchingOrder can help you run graduation ceremonies more smoothly and with less effort.

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MarchingOrder Perfect

MarchingOrder Perfect enhances graduation ceremonies by automatically displaying on a large screen or JumboTron a university-approved personal quote, student photograph, hometown, and major information as each student walks onstage to receive his or her diploma. The system can even automaticaly update a teleprompter with every students' name, phonetic pronunciation, and major as students walk by, making the most cumbersome and error prone part of commencement exciting and much more streamlined. Student names and personalized information screens can be displayed by simply scanning a barcode printed on the student’s floor pass or ticket. The personal screen provides an opportunity for the graduate to thank those who have been important contributors and supporters throughout his or her education, and makes for a more enjoyable and sincere commencement ceremony.

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Key Benefits
The MarchingOrder system includes features that integrate all aspects of the graduation process, providing benefits to students, administrators, and complimentary service providers like gown rental companies. Some highlights of these features are detailed below:

1.     Gown rental order processing- While filing for graduation, students can order their graduation gowns via the MarchingOrder system. These orders are aggregated, credit card payments or checks are digitally processed, and the completed order information and payment is sent to the school’s existing gown provider. The paperwork and time consuming labor once involved in processing hundreds (or thousands) of gown orders can be completely automated.

2.     Diploma frame / class ring order processing- Like gown rentals, students can easily order their diploma frames and class rings on the MarchingOrder system, and these orders and payments are aggregated in a similar fashion to the gown rentals. The complete list of diploma frame and class ring orders and the total payments are automatically sent to each school’s existing provider, who then fills the orders in the normal manner.

3.     Easy graduation photograph ordering- The MarchingOrder program can automatically pair up students and their graduation pictures for easy viewing online after the ceremony. Students can either order photos before the ceremony or preview how pictures taken on commencement day came out prior to placing their order. Orders are printed by Kodak and shipped directly to the students or parents.