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Innovative Products
marchingorder Assistant

Your customized graduation website to manage registration, ticketing and GradPasses, and send personalized, automated communications to your graduates.

marchingorder Live

Expertly designed ceremony display software with graduate check-in and event management tools.

marchingorder Virtual

Recognize graduates from anywhere with a full-screen graphic display, branded virtual ceremony website and graduate slideshow.


Includes one of these products:
Assistant or Live

  • Manage Ticketing for up to four ceremonies with MarchingOrder Assistant
  • Get school branded displays and graduate check-in with MarchingOrder Live
Most Popular PRO

Includes Assistant
Live or Virtual

  • Use MarchingOrder Assistant to make your Live or Virtual Ceremony amazing!

Includes Assistant
Live and Virtual

  • Access entire suite of products and services
  • Includes unlimited custom sort and graphic design
  • GradPass and Ticketing fees waived
Add-On Services

Our professional voiceover artists can record your graduate names, degrees and other ceremony announcements in high quality audio with accurate pronunciation.

Guest Ticketing

Customized digital guest tickets. Setup fee required in addition to the per guest cost.

*Setup fee is waived for All-Access Package

Customized digital graduate cards—a touchless solution. Setup fee required in addition to the per graduate cost.

Graduate Cards or Labels

Traditionally printed graduate cards or labels to be placed on cards.

Additional Virtual Ceremony Page or Slideshow
pro package:

You can add additional slideshows to your full screen display for specific graduate populations (i.e. Engineering grads who RSVP yes only).

all-access package:

You can add additional pages, if the number of Virtual ceremonies exceeds the number of Live ceremonies.

Pricing for all Add-on Services is based on the number of graduates or guests per ceremony. Set up fees may also be required for some services.
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