6 benefits of using MarchingOrder as your sole source supplier to meet all your graduation ceremony needs

Illinois State graduate with diploma

Illinois State graduate with diploma

Researching, identifying and dealing with multiple vendors to execute your graduation ceremony can be time consuming and a lot of work. Over the years, MarchingOrder has listened to you, our ceremony coordinators, to develop tools that meet all your graduation needs with one solution.

Our solutions for live, virtual and hybrid ceremonies streamline your graduation ceremony by offering all the tools you need from one source. From registration, ticketing, ceremony display to name pronunciation tools, no other vendor offers all these services together that are needed to deliver a well-executed graduation ceremony.

The advantages of using MarchingOrder as your sole source supplier for all your graduation ceremony needs

  1. Industry-leading expertise
    We are the industry leader in graduation software and services. With 18+ years of experience, and an award-winning team of education professionals, software engineers, event producers and support personnel, we’ve helped hundreds of schools deliver amazing ceremonies for thousands of graduates.
  2. More flexibility
    Our variety of solutions make it easier for you to choose the ceremony tools that best fit your needs and allow you to add on additional tools as you need them.
  3. Consistent support
    Our team of professionals help you manage multiple components of your ceremony, providing you with training, guidance and support throughout the entire process.
  4. Faster response time
    With only one contact to deal with, your questions get answered quicker and problems resolved faster, instead of you having to contact multiple vendors for help with different issues.
  5. Less administrative time
    You deal with only one vendor and one account, eliminating the need to collect and pay multiple invoices from numerous vendors.
  6. Less work vetting and managing multiple vendors
    Comparing, vetting and managing vendors takes time and creates additional work for you. By trusting us to meet all your ceremony needs, you can focus on recognizing your graduates for their tremendous accomplishments and giving them the moment they deserve.

Our solutions streamline your graduation ceremony by eliminating the need to piecemeal different tools from multiple vendors. Using MarchingOrder as your sole source supplier makes planning and managing graduation easier—with only one contact, one invoice and one solution.

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***References and full sole source documentation available upon request for incoming clients.***