6 ways MarchingOrder can help you make your next graduation ceremony even better

Graduation caps thrown in air

Graduation caps thrown in air

Congratulations on wrapping up your graduation season! Now that the last diploma has been awarded and the final tassel turned, you can finally breathe easy and appreciate all you (and your graduates) have accomplished. But now is also a time for reflection and action!

As you evaluate your last ceremony and look for ways to improve it, here are a few ways that we can help you make your next ceremony even better:

  1. Ceremony management
    Spreading the different components of your ceremony across multiple platforms and stacks of spreadsheets is a drain on your valuable time. MarchingOrder’s solutions make it easy to manage your ceremony and stay organized. Our Administrator Dashboard lets you manage all the different components of your ceremony in one spot, with status reports, training materials and a useful checklist of upcoming tasks and deadlines to keep you on track.
  2. Communications
    Effectively communicating registration deadlines, guest ticketing directions and other ceremony information to graduates can make your job easier on graduation day by reducing confusion and the need to make last minute registration changes. MarchingOrder Assistant can improve your communications with your graduates by allowing you to email and text your graduates directly from your MarchingOrder website and automating notifications about registration, ticketing and other ceremony details.
  3. Registration & ticketing
    Easy registration and ticketing can make commencement hassle-free for graduates and their family and friends.
    Streamline your graduate registration and ticketing experience with the easy-to-use MarchingOrder Assistant website. Make the process hassle-free for graduates and their loved ones with a customizable registration form and guest ticket layouts, all while you collect important details like name pronunciation, special accommodations and contact information.
  4. Graduate check-in
    Having the right tools in place at check-in can ease the flow of graduates as they arrive at your ceremony and make the process run smoothly and efficiently. Set yourself up for success on graduation day by using our Graduate Check-In tool. Keep track of arrivals, provide immediate student support and manage your seating and loading areas with real-time data.
  5. Name pronunciation
    For graduates and their families, the highlight of the graduation ceremony is hearing their name announced as they cross the stage to receive their diploma. Our Say-It-Right tool ensures accurate pronunciation of your graduates’ names by collecting phonetics directly from the graduate. These recordings unlock perfect pronunciation, whether you’re using a live reader or one of MarchingOrder’s expert ProNounce name announcers.
  6. Personalization
    Personalizing your graduation ceremony makes graduates feel unique and special on their big day.
    Deliver a unique ceremony experience for each of your graduates with our MarchingOrder Director ceremony software:
  • Live: For in-person ceremonies, our software can present personalized graduate information and recorded name announcement precisely as the graduates cross the stage. Our designers will create a beautiful, school-branded display background and all on-screen information is fully-customizable, including:
    • Graduate’s name, degree and major
    • University-approved personal quote
    • University-approved photograph
    • Academic honors
    • Hometown
  • Virtual: Recognize graduates from anywhere with a full-screen graphic display, branded virtual ceremony website and embeddable graduate database, and a graduate slideshow.

With MarchingOrder’s innovative tools and expert support, your next ceremony will be the best one yet. Contact us today and find out how we can make your next ceremony amazing.

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