How A Successful Graduation Ceremony Benefits Everyone

graduate receiving diploma

graduate receiving diploma

A well-executed graduation ceremony isn’t just a celebration for your graduates and their families, it can be a win for everyone across campus!

Here are just a few ways that MarchingOrder’s amazing graduation ceremony solutions benefit the many stakeholders at your school:

    • Event Services
      From upcoming deadlines and task reminders to automated graduate communications, our innovative solutions streamline your game plan and keep everything organized, making it easier than ever to manage your graduation.
    • Student Affairs
      With MarchingOrder, Student Affairs only needs one partner to deliver an amazing graduation experience. We have all the tools your team needs, including registration, ticketing, and name pronunciation solutions. This eliminates the need to piecemeal different services from multiple suppliers, an expensive method with gaps that put the quality of your event at risk.
    • Registration & Records
      With our secure and easy-to-use data management system, your registration and records team can manage academic and ceremony timelines and instantly review and update your graduate data including academic honors and awards.
    • Enrollment Management
      An amazing graduation ceremony can help you recruit future classes by showcasing your school’s culture and traditions and demonstrating how you celebrate graduate achievements. Seeing your school’s graduation exercises on social media can help prospective students imagine themselves as part of your community, which is key when they are deciding on which college or university they want to attend.
    • Alumni Engagement & Giving
      Research shows that seniors who give to their school at the time of their graduation often continue to be engaged and give back for years to come. A memorable ceremony can inspire lifelong engagement.

Let us show you how our solutions can make your next graduation ceremony benefit the entire university.

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