Leave Ticketing Hassles at the Door with MarchingOrder’s Digital Solutions

Graduate receiving diploma

Touchless ticketing

As a ceremony planner, you know that an easy and inviting guest experience is a critical component of a successful event.

But unlike other aspects of event technology, traditional ticketing platforms haven’t evolved enough in recent years to make your job easier and deliver an exceptional outcome for your guests. Traditional ticketing platforms can be cumbersome and loaded with unnecessary restrictions and hardware needs. Their limits make them prone to errors that leave planners unable to manage their own event, causing headaches for guests, graduates and coordinators alike.

Fortunately, MarchingOrder’s digital touchless ticketing solutions offer a light, modern solution to these pain points, including:

  • Digital “touchless” e-tickets are safe and convenient. They can be scanned from a mobile device or printed before the ceremony. Grads can easily access and print their tickets or email them directly to their guests.
  • Our easy-to-use system lets you oversee event capacity, extra ticket requests, wait lists, special guest invitations and more, all from one convenient platform.
  • Use our ticket design tool to add school logos, personal grad information and guest instructions.
  • Optional Guest Verification allows you to collect contact information and policy agreements before guests access their tickets.
  • Our free and easy MarchingOrder Ticket Scan App turns any Apple or Android device into a wireless ticket scanner at your entrances
  • Post-event data reporting gives insight into your event and helps you plan for the future

family & friends celebrating graduation

With our flexible, modern ticketing solutions, you can say goodbye to the expensive and cumbersome platforms of the past and focus your resources on creating a memorable experience for your graduates and their guests.

Don’t let event ticketing stress you out – join us for a demo and learn more about how our ticketing solutions can make your ceremony easier to manage and hassle-free.