Manage event safety protocols more easily with MarchingOrder’s Guest Verification solution

family & friends celebrate graduation

In-person events have changed for the safety of attendees, with many venues putting safety measures in place to protect guests from community health concerns, such as COVID-19. MarchingOrder’s optional Guest Verification solution allows schools to easily have guests agree to your attendance terms and conditions in a secure and convenient way.

Whether you only need to gather the names and contact information of your guests or need them to agree to your attendance terms prior to claiming their tickets, the Guest Verification tool can be customized to meet your needs. You determine the guest information that you want to gather and your attendance terms and conditions.

How it works

  1. Graduates invite their guests to the ceremony by emailing them a link to complete the Guest Verification form
  2. Guests complete and submit the Guest Verification form and agree to the school’s attendance terms
  3. After the form is submitted, the guest will automatically be presented with their e-ticket, which can be saved or printed
  4. Guests have their tickets scanned as they enter the graduation ceremony. Ceremony planners can view guest information in the MarchingOrder Assistant data collection site as guest tickets are scanned

The data collected through Guest Verification can also be downloaded and used by schools for their other marketing purposes.

This optional tool can help you meet your school and community safety guidelines for in-person events.

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