Switching to MarchingOrder: How to bring about change at your school

clients gathered around laptop

clients gathered around laptop

Change can be hard and implementing new ways of doing things can be a slow process. Something as important as your school’s graduation ceremony can be especially difficult to change because it affects many departments and can require many levels of approvals.

But with the right approach, the process of implementing changes to your ceremony can be made easier. These tips can help you better understand how to approach change to smoothly transition to MarchingOrder’s solutions for your next ceremony:

  1. Know your school’s culture. Who are the key decision makers and what is the approval hierarchy?
  2. Understand how change could affect stakeholders. Be ready to communicate how our solutions will reduce or eliminate pain points.
  3. Get input from stakeholders. Discuss your plans with stakeholders and key decision makers to improve commencement and get their input and feedback.
  4. Communicate the benefits of change. Show how it can save time, resources, improve ceremony management and graduates’ experience.
  5. Take small steps. Overhauling your entire ceremony in one step may be intimidating for some stakeholders. You may get more buy-in by making incremental changes that show success over time.
  6. Share successes with stakeholders. Use our data reporting tools to show the added value that MarchingOrder brought to graduation for your stakeholders and your graduates.

Watch the video below to see how our solutions have helped our clients.

Use these tips to start making positive changes to your ceremony game plan today. With stakeholder buy-in, future improvements will be easier to make.