Enhance your recognition ceremony with name display

graduate receiving diploma in front of name display
graduate receiving diploma in front of name display


The display at a commencement ceremony is a key component that makes the special moment of recognition for the graduate amazing. Ceremony displays can enhance your event’s location and layout to maximize the impact of that moment.

Colleges and universities take great pride in being able to give each one of their students the recognition they earned for all their hard work, and share it with their friends and families who came together to celebrate their loved one’s accomplishments.

MarchingOrder has provided hundreds of clients with customizable display solutions that make the moment that graduates receive their diploma on stage even more special. Here are a few examples of how our clients have used our display solutions to create a personalized experience for their graduates:

Single line, lower third display

For their spring 2022 ceremony, University of Texas at Arlington chose a classic single line, lower third display which featured a banner with the graduate’s name and degree composed over a live video feed as they crossed the stage. This is one of the most simple and effective ways to give your graduates their special moment in front of their family and friends.

Dual line display

Cal Poly Pomona designed a beautiful dual line display to recognize their graduates. Two lines of graduates formed stage right and stage left, with alternating sides of the stage, each graduate walked across and exited the stage in the middle, for a final celebratory runway walk back to their seats.

Dual line display with additional details

Kean University used dual line display, similar to Cal Poly Pomona, but added an additional detail to further customize each graduate’s display. Their dual display integrated a colored banner that appeared above the graduate’s name, which represented the college where they earned their degree.

Custom display

CSU San Marcos used a custom display that fit a vertically shaped stadium screen at the event, which also translated nicely to their live stream. Because inclusion is incredibly important to CSU San Marcos, the school chose this format so that all graduate names were the same size, rather than having long names shrink to fit the screen.

Graduate slideshows

Graduate slideshows at live or virtual events are another excellent way to give graduates extra recognition. University of Iowa opted to display three graduates at a time during their virtual commencement. USC Bovard also used a classic slideshow display, that ran before and after their commencement on the jumbo screen, that featured a special message from each graduate.

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