Graduate Name Announcements: How MarchingOrder Tops the Competition

North Texas grad crossing the stage

One of the most crucial moments of every graduation ceremony is the announcement of each student’s name as they walk across the stage. This is their moment.

And as they share their joy with their families, classmates, and educators, we understand how crucial it is for you, the ceremony coordinator, to know that each and every name will be announced accurately and energetically. It’s your goal to make sure that moment is special for all of your students. That’s why we do what we do.

MarchingOrder has taken what used to be a time-consuming, laborious and expensive process and transformed it into an easy, technologically-advanced solution that gives event planners the power to ensure each name is pronounced correctly and confidently.

Here’s why MarchingOrder rises above the competition:

  • Accuracy: MarchingOrder’s easy online platform allows graduates to both write and record their preferred name pronunciation, so that name announcements can be delivered exactly as intended.
  • Diverse and Powerful Voiceover Talent: Our team of highly-skilled voiceover artists come from a wide range of backgrounds and are experts in announcing names from all over the world. Choose from a large roster of talent with different specialties and vocal styles.
  • Save Time and Resources: By transforming the graduate announcement process, MarchingOrder not only ensures dazzling name recordings, but we also eliminate the need for cumbersome preset line-up procedures that take up valuable staff time before and during the ceremony.

Hear what a difference the voice of your ceremony can make:

Video courtesy of Western Carolina University

With our pronunciation tools and voiceover talent, you can finally eliminate the risk that a live reader announcement brings to your ceremony. Proper name pronunciations are collected from your graduates using our Say-It-Right tool and then are recorded by professional voiceover artists using our ProNounce tool. Each graduate name goes through a stringent testing process to ensure that it’s recorded clearly and accurately before your ceremony—eliminating the need for a live reader to take extra time to check name accuracy and pronunciation on stage. Our tools improve the pace of your graduate name announcements, resulting in a smooth, but quick on-stage process that can shorten your ceremony without it feeling rushed.

Leave the microphone pops, fatigued readers, weather interference, sickness and extra effort behind you and take advantage of a proven solution that has created wonderful memories for millions of graduates. Each name will resonate throughout the venue with energy and confidence, regardless of whether the graduate was first in line, or five hundredth.

MarchingOrder’s ease of use, professional voiceover talent, customization options, pronunciation accuracy and time-saving features make it the clear choice for those who want to provide their students with a memorable graduation experience.

Our exceptional name announcement services are part of a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help manage every aspect of your event, from registration to guest ticketing. And it’s all backed by two decades of experience and a dedicated team of master event planners and higher education specialists, making us the ideal choice for coordinators who demand excellence in every aspect of their events.

MarchingOrder is the only commencement vendor that offers all of these products and services in one convenient package. That is why so many of our clients choose MarchingOrder as their sole source supplier. Learn more about MarchingOrder and schedule a demonstration today.