Equipment and Sample Software

MarchingOrder Director requires the use of a QR code scanner and in most cases, a powered USB extender to place the scanner at an appropriate location near the stage.  A Windows PC or Mac laptop is also required to run the software.


Laptop Specifications

Practicing with the Sample Software

Download Sample Software


Equipment provided by MarchingOrder

QR Code Scanner: To scan the graduate cards or labels. Shipped with a stand, which allows for “Hands-Free Mode”.
USB QR Scanner

USB Extenders: To ensure a powerful connection between the QR code scanner and the display laptop. Shipped with AC power adapter which MUST be used.
USB Extender

Cat6 Cable: To connect the on-stage QR code scanner with the display laptop. Available in lengths of 100 and 150 feet.
Cat6 Ethernet cable


Equipment provided by Client

At a minimum you will need to provide one (1) laptop to run the MarchingOrder Director software for your ceremony. Additional laptops at help desk locations are optional, though they make updates and check-ins easier prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Changes can easily be updated from the help desk laptop(s) to the ceremony laptop by following our Export and Merge Database instructions.

Laptop Specifications:

A powerful computer always performs better, particularly for large ceremonies.
The minimum laptop requirements are:

  • Mac or PC Laptop (PC recommended, and required for dual-line ceremonies)
  • Intel i5 processor or better (Mac M1 and M2 supported)
  • 8 GB RAM minimum
  • USB 2.0 connector for the QR/Barcode scanner ***Laptops that only have USB-C will need the proper adapter for USB 2.0
  • HDMI video out
  • Audio Out
  • Reliable power adapter ***To be used at ALL times


External Monitor (Optional): Optional item to help the laptop operator keep proper timing as they advance graduate names. Ask your Audio/Video team to supply a monitor.
External monitor

USB Keyboard (Optional): Optional item to give the laptop operator more space to manually advance graduate names and avoid disrupting other laptop connections.
External keyboard

Practicing with the Sample Software

This page is intended to give you a basic idea of how our software works. Follow the steps below to learn how the software displays graduate information and plays audio using a QR code scanner. If you are testing on the laptop appointed for ceremony display, delete the sample software when finished to avoid any confusion during the live event.

  1. Plug in a QR code scanner directly to your computer’s USB port.
  2. Insert the thumb drive provided with this guide to your computer.
  3. Copy the “Sample MO Director Software” folder to your desktop. The folder holds sample software for both single and two-line ceremonies. For demonstration purposes, use the single line version.
  4. Double-click MarchingOrder Director to run the software.

Add a Graduate

  1. Retrieve an example sample blank card – print write any name on the card.
  2. Click Add Graduate from the software home screen.
  3. Type the name you wrote on the sample graduate card in the same name and click Add Graduate. Follow the on-screen prompt to scan the QR code of the blank card.
  4. Confirm that the graduate was added by scanning the blank card in Ceremony Display mode.

Modify a Graduate

  1. Click Modify Graduate and search for “Edward”.
  2. Double-click Edward’s name and update the full name field from “Edward Cicero” to “Ed Cicero”.
  3. Confirm that the name was updated by scanning his card in Ceremony Display mode.

Display a Graduate Name

  1. Click Begin Ceremony Display.
  2. Scan a QR code from one of the sample graduate cards (printed on white) – the graduate’s name will be added to the “Display Queue”. The sample software is set to auto-advance, meaning that names are announced and displayed instantly upon scanning. This can be configured under Settings so that names are advanced manually using the arrow keys. You can see what the audience will see by looking at the external display window.

MarchingOrder Sample Cards

Sample Graduate Card
Sample Graduate Card


This is a sample Graduate Card (shipped with your MarchingOrder equipment). Use this to get comfortable scanning and interacting with the MarchingOrder sample software. Please note that sample graduate cards should NOT be used for your actual ceremony.







Sample Blank Card
Sample Blank Card

This is a sample Blank Card (shipped with your MarchingOrder equipment). Use this to get comfortable adding graduates to the MarchingOrder sample software. Please note that sample blank cards should NOT be used for your actual ceremony.








MarchingOrder Default Screen Card

Pink Default Screen Card
Pink Default Screen Card

Scanning the pink default screen card will “blank” the MarchingOrder display so that graduate information is not shown on screen. We recommend taping a default screen card next to the card scanner during your ceremony. Use this so that a graduate’s name is not shown on screen between groups of graduates.

NOTE: Default Screen cards are used for your actual ceremony and should NOT be discarded after a ceremony; they should be re-used instead. Please contact your CSM if you need additional default screen cards printed.






Download the Sample Software

Contact your Client Success Manager to receive sample software to practice and test with prior to your event.